As part of my wife’s school needs, we are in the market for a Mac. And because of the taxing nature of what she needs it for, it will be an iMac with two gigs of RAM. Personally, as a geek, anytime one has the opportunity to go out and by something amazingly cool like one of those slick looking iMacs, life is good. But something that occurred about this is that despite this machine being safely barricaded in my wife’s office, I should be able to convince her that I might need a user account on occasion! Yes, I have a few Linux boxes and a Windows machine running XP in my office, but there have been times when access to a Mac would have made certain things a lot easier. They include most specifically, widget and application reviews.

Not to point out the painfully obvious here, but it’s tough to do a review for something that you do not have access to. And this brings me to my question of the day: what ten applications can you simply not live without on the OS X platform? Please do not say Firefox as this goes without saying. But if you wanted to point out applications like Cyberduck, NeoOffice and Vienna, I would love to read some of your thoughts and tips as to what I should be installing on my wife’s new Mac – thanks! Just use the comments section to make your posts.

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