Microsoft’s Calendar Wizard is built in to your Microsoft Word software making it easy for you to create monthly calendars for scheduling purposes or just to keep track of what day it is. With this unique program you can add your own picture files (like those of your grandchildren or a special place) and even insert reoccurring appointments and other text.

If you are using an older version of Word (Word 2000 or before) you should be able to go straight to the Templates window. If you have a newer version of Word then follow the directions below.

To locate the Calendar Wizard, open Microsoft Word and follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on the file option from the menu bar.
  2. From that drop down menu click on the New option (Ctrl + N accomplishes this task too)
  3. Select General Templates.
  4. Click on the Other Documents tab
  5. Double-click on the Calendar Wizard icon.

If you do not see the Calendar Wizard icon in the list provided on the Other Documents tab you made need to re-install it from the Word program. If you are running a newer version of Word you will need to download the Wizard from the Word Web site.

Once it is downloaded, choose file, new and the New Document task pane will open.

In this task pane you’re looking for the New from template section, Choose the General Templates choice.

This should in turn take you to the Templates window.

From this dialog box select the Other Documents tab.

Locate and double-click on the Calendar Wizard icon.

(At this juncture – if you are re-loading the wizard or have just installed it – you will be prompted to complete the installation.)

The Wizard will begin and walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your calendar beginning with picking a calendar style. It will further ask you for your preference regarding page layout, pictures, and the date range you need to work with.

When you have finished answering all of the Wizard‘s questions click on the Finish button. From here Word will do all the work and you will have a beautiful calendar ready for your customization.

To use the calendar you simply click on the date to enter text and scroll from page to page to work on various months.

In the event that your schedule becomes to hectic and your calendar cannot hold all your data you have the option of installing Microsoft Publisher which offers an even wider range of calendar designs to choose from.

Once your calendar is finished you in actuality have a Word table which you can use your table modification skills to make any further adjustments you might want.

You can select the rows in the usual fashion and then hit Ctrl/L to align the dates. While the rows are selected you can also add grid lines to your calendar to make viewing easier. If so, click Format/Borders and Shading and select the Grid. This will insert both horizontal and vertical lines throughout the date cells.

When you have the cells borders inserted you can select individual cells to add shading to for special dates or to add notes about important meetings. If you need to add a lot of text and make the font smaller push Ctrl/Shift/< . This shortcut keystroke will allow you to squish a lot of notes into the small space.

Once you are finished – print out your new calendar and you are all set.

Upon completion of the basic calendar it is also possible to insert photos or special photos to create a personalized or gift type calendar.

To add pictures click on the insert a picture when prompted by the Wizard. A dummy picture will appear in the space you selected. Click on the dummy picture to delete it.

Keeping the Calendar window open, click on the My Pictures folder. Open the picture that you want to include. Click on File on the Menu Bar, click on Copy, and close the My Pictures folder screen. The Calendar window appears on the screen. Insert the cursor where the dummy picture was. Click on the Paste icon located on the Toolbar and the picture you chose will appear.

Good luck and happy computering.

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