Over at Forbes.com there is an article written by Brian Caulfield in which he comes up with some ‘scuttlebutt’ about Google’s plans for the gPhone. It seems the search giant has been working with HTC [High Tech Computers] a Taiwanese company that has been in the business of making mobile phones for other large companies. Everything is hush, hush, but Silicon Valley is buzzing with this latest news. The article states:


The drumbeat has started in Silicon Valley: Google phones are coming.

It’s no secret that Google is keen to become a pivotal player in the mobile phone world. And one of the companies often mentioned behind closed doors that could be key to Google’s mobile phone strategy is a name familiar to only a few: a Taiwanese manufacturer called HTC.

Here’s the scuttlebutt: Google engineers have reportedly been working hard on mobile phone software that will hook phones into its online services. Official news will likely break late this year or early next. In the meantime, Google wants to leave the messy job of building the handset hardware to a consortium of partners.

“This is a very thoughtful strategy by Google: Let’s build ourselves into the value chain at a spot of vulnerability, which is the software layer,” says Virgin Mobile USA co-founder, Amol Sarva. And while Google handles the software, HTC is the company most often mentioned as building that software into sleek, Internet-friendly handsets. “They’re the Dell of mobile phones,” Sarva says of HTC.

It appears that with all the rumors floating around that Google may in fact be working on a phone, could everyone be wrong in their guess work? What do you think?

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