As I mentioned yesterday, there was an iMac in my wife’s future. In light of recent household headaches, we opted to pick up a 20in iMac today, rather than Sunday. Despite the Mac’s location being in my wife’s office rather than my own, I can see this becoming a big help to me when needing to review something Mac related.

My wife, who is currently installing Photoshop, is having a ball, as she has missed having access to OS X for nearly 5 months now. This is a huge improvement over her old iBook and PPC version of the Mac Mini. She is definitely going to have a blast getting to know some of the new features and is looking forward to Leopard’s release as well.

My first impressions – wow, just wow. It takes a lot of what I love about Linux (no stupid driver CDs, most hardware just works) and ties it in with even better hardware detection – very slick. When first setting it up, I detected my wLAN immediately during a very friendly setup process. The printer installation(my little HP) was as basic as it would be on Ubuntu, just set it to search and boom – there is the printer. Most humorously is how it is using the same driver exactly as I am on Ubuntu. CUPS knows no bounds it seems.

Is this something that I would use myself? Not exclusively, but I darn sure would take this as a welcome edition over Vista any day of the week. Because for the most part, everything I have tested thus far just works – no nonsense. I cannot get over how tightly integrated everything is, but without creating unneeded restrictions. For instance, iTunes holds no interest for me, so I would be using Amazon and Songbird instead. Firefox instead of Safari and so on.

To be brutally honest; and there is likely a setting for this anyway, the only thing that bugs me is not being able to maximize the window(s) the way I might in Windows or Ubuntu. Again, if there is some method or setting, please do tell as it is annoying to have it half-maximize no matter what I try.

At the end of the day, I love my Ubuntu boxes. I have set everything up as I need it and I am always experiencing some crazy new application from But I must say, OS X is very impressive. An acquired taste to be sure, but I can see that OS growing on its users very easily.

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