Early this year Dell made available to the owners of the Dell XPS 700 series of computers, a free exchange program to upgrade their systems to the new XPS 720 system. If you are not familiar with this particular series of Dell system, it is their gamer rig that carries a high end price tag. The systems are designed with the pro tweaker in mind and allows the users a wide beth to tweak their systems for the best possible gaming experience.

On the Direct2Dell site they explained the upgrade program as:

  • Motherboard exchange at no cost: Later this year, we will offer XPS 700 customers the option to exchange their original motherboard for Dell’s next-generation XPS gaming motherboard. We will make the motherboard and the installation available to these customers at no charge. To streamline the process, all motherboard exchanges will be done by Dell-authorized onsite service technicians.

I read with interest one persons experince is trying to do the replacement on his own:

So, I ordered my Dell 720 H2C Upgrade kit. Let me begin that the sales guy’s idea of a “trivial” installation is … like building a car from paper clips. What I anticipated to be an hour or two… took me almost five hours. To qualify that a bit—this is somewhat what I used to do for a job and I still maintain my Dell Technician certs (for the business class servers, Precision workstations, and Latitude laptops) today. The 700 series case is so tightly packed that there are a few cables with teflon coating them on specific spots—apparently they assumed they’d rub. Getting in and around, pulling a few cables through that are replaced, and generally working is not meant for someone with large hands. My hands are nicely cut up from the adventure. So, a few tips:

If you are contemplating doing the upgrade yourself, reading this first may changer your mind. I loved this one statement above all the rest:

Let me begin that the sales guy’s idea of a “trivial” installation is … like building a car from paper clips.

If you have ever replaced a motherboard in a tight case, you can feel this man’s pain! LOL

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