There are times when you need to enter the same data into multiple worksheets within a single workbook. For example, if you need the same list of names to appear on more than one worksheet. One method you can use is to enter all the data into one worksheet then copy it over to the other ones. Or, you can use the method that is described below.

Instead of copying the same data between worksheets, you can use the Group feature. Once you group two or more worksheets, any data you type into one worksheet will appear in the other. So let’s take a look at how you can do this.

With your workbook open, hold down the CTRL key while clicking the worksheets you want to group. You will notice that the tabs of any grouped worksheets turn white. Click the active worksheet and enter in your data. The data will automatically be entered into all the grouped worksheets.

Once you are finished you can ungroup the worksheets by right clicking any sheet name and selecting the ungroup option.

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