Oh the joys of new technology. For years we watched our TV sets receiving our picture in an analog signal and for the most part were pleased with the results. Some may even recall a time when every house on the block had an antenna streaming upwards from the roof some towering 20 feet of more towards the heavens. They even came equipped with rotators to adjust the antenna in the proper direction.

The cable and satellite companies than started providing us with a digital signal which improved the picture somewhat. But the basic reason why most of us have selected cable or satellite is because they offer more channel selection. We were no longer limited by receiving just the local channels. When cable and satellite were working properly we normally would receive a fairly deceit picture minus the snow that may have plagued some analog stations.

Now we come to HDTV. This is currently the best possible picture available. As I previously wrote about the simplicity of selecting a HDTV set here, you not only have to buy a new TV but also find a way to receive a HD signal. I accomplished both. So I have a new HDTV and opted to get Dish network. I selected Dish for one simple reason. They were offering a HD-DVR receiver at no cost to new customers.

So now I got the new TV and HDTV channels. On Dish they have most stations that are in HD also in digital as well. This allows you to flip back and forth between the two to compare them. I personally see a difference in the clarity of HDTV. But what about others? Since Tuesday I have had some neighbors, family and friends over to get their opinions. It was a very unscientific survey. What I found was that some saw a difference and some didn’t.  What was the biggest factor was what was being broadcasted.  For sports everyone saw a big difference. But for run of the mill programs, not much at all.

This goes back once again to user opinion and what you want and enjoy. For me personally I enjoy HDTV programming and also the HDTV set. Others may have a difference of opinion.

Comments welcome.

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