One needs to open their technology nostrils and take a big breathe. There is going to be a new way of computing and it is slowly starting to take shape. If you are a gamer, a heavy hitter who needs a powerful computer or a business this article is not for you. But if you are the average consumer who uses their system in a home environment for email and surfing the Internet, than pay attention. There will be some new computers coming our way in the next few years that may just change the way we compute. I’m not talking about Linux boxes from the OEM’s like Dell, or slapping Ubuntu onto your current desktop or laptop system. Nor am I talking about a hand held portable telephone that simulates computer use like a iPhone.

Traditionally computers for the most part have not change that much since the original PC was first introduced. The hardware has advanced dramatically over the years, but it basically still needs a cpu, RAM and hard disk, along with an operating system like Windows to function. With each Windows version we have needed to increase cpu power, more RAM and a larger hard disk. This merry-go-round keeps going around and around. But some us are thinking about getting off and trying a new ride.

This is where the new Linux machines will come into play. With Linux embedded and mobile devices in development, these machines may just replace the traditional computers in the future. One when thinks about what most consumers basically use a computer for, these new devices will provide Internet access and using Google doc’s for simple letters and such, will suffice for most common chores. There are currently projects underway in which by the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, these products should start becoming available.

So what do you think? Can these Linux based products replace the traditional Window machines? Or is this just wishful thinking?
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