In what is being reported as a cost cutting measure, Dell has closed a call center in Texas on Friday October 5, 2007. Though the loss of jobs is sad for those who it effects, the loss to those who own Dell system is even deeper. This may mean that there will be some 400 to 500 fewer English speaking people to answer your questions. It may mean you will be saddled with a person from another country like India, where English is a second language and where you may encounter more problems when trying to solve an issue.

As an example. My buddy Charlie in CA. owns a Dell laptop system. He was trying to make a backup of his stuff using the Sonic software that came with the system. He had done this before and thought it was no big problem. But it wasn’t working so he called Dell technical support and naturally was routed to India. After some 1.5 hours of them messing with his system, having him remove the drive, having them take over his computer to try a repair, he lost his drive entirely. I won’t say some of the unkind words he mentioned, but he finally was able to get it working again on his own and said ‘screw Dell’. Though he said he has had few problems with the Dell system, he stated he would not buy another because of the lousy technical support.

If this was an isolated incident, than one would say his opinion is in the minority. But lets face it, more and more folks have become disgusted with poor service from Dell. What was once the company who was known for great service, now is being ridiculed on the forums and blogs.

How does one regain customer trust?

Cutting prices which are already at a minimum? Installing Linux on Dell boxes? Coming out with new $5k gaming machines? Painting your laptop systems with vibrant colors? Removing crapware from the systems?

Those these may help some I believe Dell needs to get back to their roots which was service, service and more service.

Instead of firing the folks at the Texas call center, maybe dropping some of the lead asses on the top would of been a more prudent decision.

I won’t be buying a Dell anytime soon. Neither will my friend Charlie. Nor his friend Denny. Nor any other friends or neighbors that they speak with.

Heh Dell. Think of all the money you are saving. If you keep losing customers you won’t need any call centers. 🙂

What do you think? Does service matter to you when buying a new PC?

Comments welcome.

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