Google is known as being a young persons culture so when they hired a 52 year old engineer, they should of suspected it was going to be a tough fit for this older person. Yet Google did hire Dr. Brian Reid who originally received a glowing first year evaluation. But somewhere along the line he was labeled a “old fuddy-duddy” and was fired from Google. The San Jose Mercury News article goes on to state:

A unanimous opinion by a three-judge panel stated that a state Superior Court judge had “clearly erred” in dismissing the case brought by Brian Reid, formerly Google’s director of engineering, before trial.

“We conclude that Reid produced sufficient evidence that Google’s reasons for terminating him were untrue or pretextual,” the opinion stated, noting that a fact finder could conclude that Google engaged in age discrimination.

Lorraine P. Ocheltree, an attorney representing Reid, said, “It’s a big victory for Dr. Reid. The court did the right thing.”

Google issued a statement saying, “As our court filings have said, we believe this complaint to be unfounded and will vigorously defend against it.”

Though we are not privy to everything that may or may have not happened except what the court ruling was, it does appear Google may have terminated this person because of his age.

What happened to the ‘do no evil’ Google saying?

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