I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chris for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the lockergnome community. 🙂 I thought I would use this first post to tell you guys a little about me. My name is Joe Balestrino I am an SEO and have been working in search engine optimization for over five years. I started out as a web designer in the mid 90’s. I was fascinated by how certain sites rank for terms and wanted to know how and why. So, I started learning SEO and eventually started Mr-SEO.com, Inc., which helps small to large businesses rank organically. I am probably best known for my SEO podcast on iTunes. There I talk about SEO methods, thoughts and sometimes interview other SEOs and online marketers.

I currently have a blog called “Inside SEO” which is geared more towards the SEO industry. This blog will give me the opportunity to talk more toward the average web developer or site owner. I’ll cover topics such as meta data, keyword research, supplemental results, site usability, PPC and more. Please check back often as I will do my absolute best to make sure there is some useful (and valuable) information here.

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