Almost all of us have a cell phone in one of our pockets or bags, and it’s become hard for me to even remember a time when I didn’t carry a cell phone around with me wherever I went. Like it or not, they’re a part of our lives, and their functionality is increasing to the point that it seems like we can use them to do almost anything. Because of that, services have been created to help all of us customize these helpful devices to our liking, and moboPic is just one of these services.

We’re all familiar with how custom wallpapers can be displayed on cell phones, and moboPic enables you to create wallpapers specifically for your phone on your computer. Once you upload a picture from the Internet or your computer, you’ll be able to choose your phone model from the list of presets and then select the area that you want to crop and create a wallpaper out of. You won’t find a preset for every phone here, but you’ll be able to customize the dimensions as needed. When you’re finished, you then link to the picture from your phone or download it to your computer. This type of thing is also helpful for creating images to use throughout the Internet.

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