Unless you travel frequently, it can be very easy to get in a rut in the location where you live. When all you see is the same four walls and the same old town, you sometimes forget about the big world that’s out there just waiting to be discovered by you. When I’m stuck in my office for hours at a time, I sometimes like to research other cities around the world in order to help reinvigorate my creativity, and as you can imagine, pictures are the most interesting tool for this, especially when they’re live. Livelook brings these worldwide webcam images and videos to you in one centralized location.

You can look for images in your location, but if you’re going to do that, then you should just step outside. Instead, it wouldn’t hurt to get adventurous and see what webcams you can find in other countries or other parts of your country. Additional webcams can be manually added to the site, and you can save all of the ones that you like on your My Livelook page. You may be stuck in one spot, but Livelook is your real time window to the world.

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