The “Consumentenbond” , a dutch association, who protects the rights of consumers, advise that consumers who are buying a new pc, should explicitly ask for Windows XP as main operating system, instead of Windows VISTA, that comes preinstalled on new computers.

They also ask computer retailers/stores,who have customers that have problems with vista, to offer windows XP as a free service. The association came to this conclusion on thursday, after having a debate with microsoft about problems that consumers have with vista.
The dutch association for the rights of consumers already launched a website earlier,
where consumers could post their complaints about windows vista.
The amount of complaints became that high ,that the association decided to strongly advise the consumers, not to buy vista yet. Especially the usage of ‘older’ equipment like printers and scanners create too much problems in vista.

vista premium

Microsoft netherlands replied to this, and launched a website, for dutch customers:

The company also said that the roll-back to windows xp would not be reccomended, because newer hardware is made for windows vista already.They also demand that the dutch association for consumer-rights tell microsoft exactly what the problems are, but according to microsoft the association doesn’t want to share that information.

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