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Just a few days ago I was playing my friend’s PSP and thinking hmm why isnt there a portable Xbox? I think Microsoft should make a hand held console for all of those who love Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Why not? Well Microsoft has clearly stated they are not interested in venturing into the hand held market, but how can they resist with their rival Sony Play station already conquering the hand held gaming market.

How this could help Microsoft. Well since Micrsoft had already hit gold with their stellar console the Xbox 360 why not make a portable one that would be just as successful. Not only would this encourage Xbox 360 users to buy the Xbox 180 shall we say, but users of the Xbox 180 will want to buy the Xbox 360.

Bottom line: The creation of a portable Xbox is quite inevitable with the other 2 major console owners already having very successful hand held console, and Microsoft doing well with the Xbox 360.