I love brainstorming ideas for a new company name, product, or something else. I guess you could call me a name freak. 🙂 Every case is different, but here are the basic tips I tend to follow when hunting for inspiration:

  • Randomly flip through the dictionary.
  • Take words and mixing or subbing letters.
  • Say names out loud.
  • Pick a handful of words and use them with other words, prefixes or suffixes.
  • Open an atlas and look around the world for name ideas.
  • Use RhymeZone, which provides more than just rhymes.
  • Use the Internet Anagram Server.
  • Enter words in domain name and check out the suggested names (Namedroppers.com, Domain Tools, and Nameboy).
  • Look at something related to the company, product, or whatever it is you’re naming — and write down words that instantly come to mind.
  • Based on the business type or industry, search the industry and see what words come up. Play with those.
  • Look at competitors or browse existing names that fit in the customer’s requirements and see what comes up.