Today, David writes:

I manage multiple public use PCs running Windows XP. We do not have an email account set on these PCs. I would like to prevent mailto: links from opening any email client in Internet Explorer 6.x.

In other words, I want to make the error message ‘default mail client not installed properly,’ to appear. How do I do this?

The first thing I would do is start looking into using a secure, up to date web browser. If you are bent on using Internet Explorer, please update to the current version – IE 7. Even better is to use Firefox or Opera, but that is up to you.

In Internet Explorer, you might try setting it to work with Hotmail, as this would have no affect on you or your machines. The readers might have some other thoughts along this line and I will make sure the comments reflect this.

Also make sure you are running the public machines as limited users, not as administrators. I am sure you are already doing this, but thought I might toss that out there anyways.

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