Seems like the Salt Lake City Police Department suffered an outage of their 911 system, when a roof leak flooded a computer system. Though other emegency services were able to pickup the load of 911 calls while repairs were being made to the PD’s computer systems, it was ironic that this should of happened. It seems that their is a bond issue before the voters for a new police station and equipment.

Now one wouldn’t expect that the roof leak was intentional, but it was shall we say, timely. 🙂

We all would agree that water and computers don’t mix well. But examples such as this serve another purpose for all of us. Yes, the old backup before it is to late. Not only can water damage a computer from a leaking roof or broken pipe, but fire is also another danger. I always cautioned my clients, in particular business clients, to keep their records backed up and in another location just in case they are needed.

I personally keep my backups and photo’s on CD of my home possessions in my safe deposit box at the bank.

Just a thought.

Comments welcome.

Full story here.

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