It seems we in the technology world seem to have a penchant for disseminating information like it came from the same stone tablets that Moses brought from the mountain. You can also tell when it is a slow newsweek because everyone is reporting the same stuff. This weeks shocking facts are:

HP remains #1 with Dell #2 What is so shocking about this? Dell is actually selling more computers than before when they were #1. Which means HP must be selling one heck of a lot more computers as well.

Latest quarter sales show 1 in 12 computers sold was an Apple. What is so shocking about this? Didn’t Apple just introduce a whole new product line? Maybe Mac users are just upgrading their systems. OR is it that those Vista users who screamed they were going to buy an Apple and dump Vista actually did what they said? It couldn’t be because of those dumb Apple vs PC commercials. Or could it?
Google now comprises up to 60% of all web searches. What is so shocking about this? I actually thought the number would be higher. I haven’t used anything but Google for years.

Ballmer states Microsoft will catch up with Google search. What is so shocking about this? The only way this will happen is if Microsoft can find a way to make MSN the only search available to Vista users. Hello DOJ. Are you listening?

AMD posted millions in loses for Q3. What is so shocking about this? I can’t remember AMD ever posting a profit! LOL AMD is still the darling of the stock market and everyone except Intel hopes it succeeds.

Google’s profits skyrocket again. What is so shocking about this? What did everyone expect? Google to fold up and go away? Google is having a massive hiring campaign and is spreading their wings across the US. Big things are in the works and profits will soar even more. $2,000 a share? Could happen.

Apple’s new Leopard OS will be better than Vista. What is so shocking about this? XP is better than Vista!

Ubuntu 7.10 is now available for download. What is so shocking about this? The folks at Ubuntu are not inclined to let any dust settle on their distro and compliment themselves with timely updates. Good job Ubuntu!

What are your shocking facts?

Comments welcome.

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