Just a few days ago, a young man came to the door. He said hello and asked if we liked steaks. He said that his boss had a big special on meat. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to buy meat from the back of a pickup truck. You just don’t know where it has been. I told the guy that my kids don’t really like meat that much (unless it comes in nugget form). He then turned and started back to his truck, when I heard a voice from beside me loudly proclaim:

“I like meat.”

It is true that this child does eat more meat than my other kids. He even likes bologna and cheese sandwiches, without the bread. He just sandwiches bologna between two slices of cheese.

The man obviously heard that little voice, because he turned back around to me and said that he would throw in some chicken and fish. I told him no thank you and he left, but my son was disappointed that I didn’t get any meat from the pickup truck, because he likes meat and pickup trucks. Therefore, he thinks that he would really like meat from a pickup truck.

Well, I think that I should just stop answering the door.