If you own a HP or Compaq Laptop purchased during the past year or so, and have been experiencing wireless connection problems, you may wish to take a look at the HP thread for guidance in resolving the issue. From what I read it appears that the best solution is to return your laptop to HP for a motherboard replacement. It seems that the other suggestions of updating the BIOS, updating wireless drivers or trying a replacement wireless card are not working.

Some of the models mention in the postings are:

dv6000z , DV6449us, dv6646us ,dv6000, dv6225, dv6500t, V6133CL, dv9205us, DV 9000, DV6105us, DV6040ca , dv6105us and many more models.

It seems the issue may be with the broadcom wireless hardware.

Anyway you can read all of the dirt here on the HP forum.

Comments welcome.

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