Should your ISP be allowed to provide content as well as access to the internet? I don’t think so. People that are not so aware of what is going on quite often do self installs for DSL or cable services. The ISP setup software totally configures their computer with everything from tailoring a browser, modifying their home page, installing anti-virus software, pop-up blockers, tool-bars, trial versions of various software suites etc.

They make the practice sound good because they are “giving” it all to you for free. What makes them think the customer wants it in the first place?

The pathetic part of this scenario is the customers computer is bogged down and running slow. They think the problem is their “old computer” that is not so old and fully capable of browsing the web efficiently.

If the ISP wants to offer these things, fine offer them, don’t push them down the consumer’s throat. Make it clear on the installation exactly what is being installed. If it requires the customer to do a few extra clicks authorizing this or that so be it! I think a better approach would be to offer the services via email, billing inserts etc. Let it be a choice.

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