I tend to be an impulsive shopper at times, so as you can imagine, I’ve ended up with quite a collection of items that I’m not exactly thrilled with. In addition, some of the things that I used to be into are now old to me, so they’re just sitting in a box along with all of the other neglected items. As a consumer, there are always things that I want, and while I know that I should sell some of my older stuff to provide funds for the newer stuff, I continually refrain from getting started with the process. One of the alternative options that I’ve considered is trading, and a free service called Swaptree makes this not only possible, but extremely simple, too.

Once you import all of the items that you’re ready and willing to trade, Swaptree will find items for you that can be traded for what you have. Depending on what you have available for a trade, you could find thousands of product matches. As soon as you’ve chosen what you want and the swap is good to go, you can then even print out accurate postage and mailing labels straight from the site. I’ve always hesitated to trade items online in this way, but I think Swaptree may have convinced me otherwise.

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