My buddy Charlie in CA. is now having another problem with his Dell laptop which is now about 3 years old. He sent me an email concerning the price of a Dell replacement battery vs an over the counter generic replacement. I advised him to get a Dell replacement battery since his battery now fades out after only 1/2 hour of use.

Which brings up a question for all of you. I have not personally used a generic replacement battery from an online supplier. If and when I needed a battery, I always bought from the OEM. What has your experience been with a generic brand?

Here is another question as well. I always try to use my laptop on battery power at least once a week until it goes dead. I have read somewhere, that this is a good practice to discharge the battery completely to extend battery life. What do you think?

Finally Charlie has another question. Would it be wise for him to plunk down about $150 for a new battery on a 3 year old system or just buy a new laptop?

Your expertise and help would be appreciated.

Comments welcome.

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