Oh the shock of it all! How about the Mom who buys her daughter an iPod for her birthday from Target, only to find ‘rocks’ inside the box when the girl opens her present. Back to the store it goes, another iPod is exchanged but Mom is smarter this time. She opens this iPod box in front of store employees only to find another one filled with rocks! No refund, sorry says the clerk. Target policy is to give a store credit but not your money back. Target must have rocks in their head!

Me worry? No way says the lady who calls Dish Network to cancel her service after her home is leveled in one of the recent California fires. The rep asks if she was able to remove her Dish equipment before the home burned. No answers the victim You’ll have to pay $300 on your next bill for the destroyed equipment because it says so on my computer screen and there are no exceptions. Say what? Sure, at the next fire I will let my family burn to death while I remove the Dish receiver!

Lost your cell phone? No biggie. Just buy another. Or in the case of one woman pay a huge cell phone bill. Seems that while this lady was on vacation, thieves made off with her cell phone back home. They run up a $26,000 phone bill on the stolen phone. Cingular says ‘Our customers are responsible for unauthorized charges before they contact Cingular.” There is no law to protect consumers like when your credit card is stolen. But there should be one for cell phones also.

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