Today, George asks:

My problem is.. My PC died and I replaced with new SATA HD, M-board etc…. Had to put my old “HD” into a USB docking station to access files (after having to “take ownership” to get into the “access denied”
folders. BUT – where is the Thunderbird contacts folder? I cannot boot from my old HD, so I have to pull the file and cannot export it anywhere.

Well George, to my knowledge the only way to make heads or tails out of a contacts list that had not been backed up ahead or time it to import the old profile back into a fresh install of Thunderbird. And with a free installation of T-Bird, you can follow the instructions found here to find the recovery path from your application-data. Once this is done, I would open up a fresh copy of MozBackup and use it to keep your browser and email settings safely backed up on a regular basis.

I have been in a position where I lost some very important data once (thanks Outlook) and can understand the sting. Thankfully the data is intact, now it just needs to be reactivated so you can get back to business as usual.

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