Tuesday’s the big day. That’s when Congress will hold a hearing on the outrageous Time Warner-inspired postage rate hike that’s saddled many small publications with up to with a half million dollar annual increase in postal costs, and brought many smaller publications to the brink of financial disaster. What the rule essentially does is give postage breaks to large mailers like T-W, while increasing the rates of smaller volume mailers.

Now’s the moment for champions of independent media to take a stand. We want to collect 100,000 signatures, and we want to have phones ringing off the hook on Capitol Hill by Tuesday.

Our founding fathers knew that a free press is a cornerstone of democracy. That’s why they encouraged small publishers and a broad spectrum of opinions in media by guaranteeing fair postal rates for all.

But mega-magazines have undermined that founding principle. Time Warner and others like them are passing the buck onto smaller independent publishers, threatening to silence the fearless investigative journalism that small media outlets are known for.

Now is our chance to restore the founders’ vision.

Please send a message to Congress, posthaste.

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