After returning from vacation I participated in beta testing Windows Vista SP1 and also Windows XP SP3 which I have been running on my test system. On or about Wednesday of this week, I received a strange message from the beta team stating some thing to the affect that they didn’t want people downloading the beta’s if they were in fact not going to test the releases and report back any ‘bugs’ that they found.

Which made me think to myself, ‘wonder if I have nothing to report?’ You see both beta’s are working just fine. I haven’t noticed any problems nor any glitches. No blue screens, errors of any kind nor system malfunctions. The way the beta program works is that you are supplied with a reporting procedure that incorporates not only a written account of a problem, but also a way to attach log files and such to document problems. The beta team than attempts to replicate the problem and follows up with a written communication advising the user of their results.

Which made me recall an incident while testing one of the original beta releases of Windows Vista back in August. of last year. The only problem I had was that upon boot, my floppy disk drive [yeah I still have one] would go crazy and grind looking for a disk. This would continue until I physically put in a disk, would read the disk, than stop the activity. I made a report of this incident which kept occurring through several of the releases, only to be told in affect that the problem could not be replicated so it must not be happening. Upon installing the final release of Vista Ultimate, the problem no longer occurred. 🙂

So with both Vista SP1 and XP SP3 I still have nothing to report. They both just work fine on my system.

But that wasn’t the case when I tried Firefox 3 Alpha 8. The browser itself worked OK. In fact it picked all of my settings except two of my extensions were not compatible. No biggie. But after the first day of testing I found one minor glitch. I put my system into hibernation each night when I close down my personal system. The following morning at boot, the system would not start up. I got a black screen, no hard disk activity, nothing. I forced a hard boot and all was well. On the 2nd day when the same thing happened, I reverted back to the days of old. ‘Last program on, first program off’ and uninstalled Firefox 3 and all was well. I did make a report to the Mozilla team on this. 🙂

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