Recent events at my mom’s bookstore in Bellingham, WA (Whatcom County) have reminded me just how far away I really am down here. And this brings me to a pretty big request – I need someone close to that area whom I can trust. Not for anything major, just basic network troubleshooting, hardware replacement, basic stuff like that. It appears that we may have a possible bit of router failure and I am not able to be there to resolve the issue.

I would have the bookstore call someone else local, but I’d prefer a Lockergnome reader if at all possible. I know it sounds weird, but if anyone is interested in helping me out this once, I would be eternally grateful and may even be able to work out a cross-promotional deal out with the bookstore if you are willing to help out every few months with basic PC maintenance tasks. Just email me at this link if you are interested.

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