I was reading one of those doom and gloom articles about AMD this morning and wondered to myself, wonder if there were no AMD? Give it some thought for a moment. What pricing would Intel be charging for their chips if they were the only player in town? Do you think we would be at Quad core processing today if Intel didn’t want us to be? I doubt it.

How about Microsoft and Windows. Many complain about Vista but there are other options available. But wonder if there was no Apple, no Linux or other open source competitors? How much would Windows than cost us? Over at the OLPC [One Laptop Per Child] web site, I read an article about OLPC using Windows XP on their systems. The writers opinion was that by doing this it would be beneficial since it would be a good comparison on which to gauge the Linux system known as Sugar against. This person knew it would be a tough sell if OLPC only had one offering with nothing to compare it to.

Would we have laptop computers selling for $399 if it weren’t for competition in the market place? Increased sales that have reduced the cost of computer parts where 1 G of RAM is now selling on some sites for only $23.99 or less. Could you imagine if only one company, say Dell, was the only game in town and there were no others? Would prices be this cheap?

Take all of the above into consideration and picture this. You sitting at your New $1500 Dell system with a Intel P3 processor, using Windows 95 w/ SP 14 on a 56k dialup connection in the year 2008. Doesn’t sound like any fun to me!

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