Possibly one of the most enlightening pieces on suspicions of Comcast filtering peer to peer traffic that I have seen in a very long time. Think this is wild, it gets even stranger. Now to be fair, this is hardly an unbiased source. Posting this stuff is obviously demonstrating that they are as frustrated with Comcast policies as I am. By no means mistake this post as absolute fact though, merely another person’s experience.

My own experience, I have also noticed issues with trying to download LEGAL torrents for various Linux distributions I may be doing a review on. It’s frustrating and unless Comcast is ready to admit whether or not they HONESTLY are limiting my ability to legally download Linux distributions via Bittorrent, I will continue to be suspicious and remain open to possible ISP alternatives who can at least with a straight face, admit that they only have so much network to go around. At least I can respect that kind of honesty.

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