I received a comment from one of readers concerning both Dell and Gateway introducing what can best be described as Mac look-a-likes which stated:

Is this an answer to the rise in iMac popularity? Do you think the price point is going to come out similar for most people choosing between a “One” model like you mentioned and an iMac? I know this ignores the whole mac v. pc argument, but for a typical consumer, it seems the all-in-one concept makes it possible to get a mac “machine” with a pc-interface.


First of all, thanks for ignoring the PC vs Mac argument, which I  believe comes down to personal preference that is best left to each user. I am personally happy to see that Mac sales are on the rise, since competition in the marketplace is always welcome.


The comment from MamaToo gave me some food for thought. Are Dell and Gateways new ONE models in response to the Mac’s popularity or just a design change to get away from the typical PC box? As most of you already know I have previously written about the lack of design for the typical PC. The tower box and it’s lack of style is getting extremely boring, at least in my opinion. Some have disagreed saying they could care less what a PC looks like, and were more concerned about functionality than style. But why can’t we have both?


Also I completely forgot about the HP Touch Smart models that also has the ‘ONE’ appearance. So one could conclude that either Dell and Gateway models are in response to HP, or that all three PC makers are responding to the popularity of the Mac. Another thought is that it could be both. A change in design styling to attract a high end buyer or also in repsonse to the pleasing design of Mac computers.


Whatever the reasoning, I welcome the new designs.


What do you think?


Comments welcome.

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