Today, Sean asks:

I’m getting a new iMac soon, and I have a very large dog in the house, I was wondering if you know any tactics to keep dog hair out of your computer’s fan?

Yes, there are three things you can do that will help. Two of them painfully obvious and the other will hopefully pick up where the other two options left off. The first is to do what you can to keep the dog out of the room with the Mac. I am a dog owner myself and my wife’s iMac is in her office away from our dog. While the dog is not a big shedder, she’s still has hair that makes itself airborne fairly quickly. This is where keeping things dusted and vacuumed can come in. Again, this sounds really obvious I am sure, but this alone can make a world of difference. And finally, consider buying a really good HEPA filter. I am fond of this ionic contraption here, have one a lot like it around key areas.

Now if this was a PC, I would tell you to also look into using a can of compressed air. But this is a Mac and I am still feeling my way around the best way to do this and whether or not compressed air is such a hot idea. For me, the jury is still out there. One thing I will tell you is if you are dropping the cash on a new iMac, be darn sure you get that with AppleCare. Seriously, my wife’s old iBook would have been a real pain had she not had it on that model way back when. Anything over a grand that you can not repair yourself ought to be protected if possible. Good luck!

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