Whenever I’m about to visit a new city or explore a somewhat familiar one, I always like to do research to get an idea of what I can expect. First of all, what restaurants will be nearby? Also, what options will I have for entertainment? These are important questions to get the answers to, but the list goes on. Online maps and images have been a tremendous help with providing information, but EveryScape fuses them together in an interesting way that will make you feel like you’ve already arrived at the destination even though you’re still sitting behind your computer.

Using the technology that is offered by this service, you can quite literally walk the streets of a particular city through your browser. Panoramic pictures exist for you to navigate through, and you can be in control of where you go and what you look at. Instead of just reading about some of the popular places, you can actually see them, and in some cases, you can even go inside and take a look around. EveryScape only has a small handful of cities available for exploration at this time, and the site didn’t exactly perform extremely well or consistently, but as they expand and improve, hopefully this will change.

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