I know I am taking a chance of drawing criticism with this post but they say to write when you are upset and you will feel better.  So I’m writing.

I belong to the Friends of the Library group in our town and today was the beginning of our annual book sale.  We generally sale the books at 50 cents for hard backs and 25 cents for paperbacks or by free-will offerings.  We like to use the free-will donations as we have many older people on fixed incomes and many young families that purchase children’s books.  Unfortunately on my shift today, we had a lady who was downright cheap and used the free-will donation very much to her advantage.  Yes, yes, I know a free-will donation means we have to accept what a person is willing to give.  My heart tells me that but my head says, CHEAPSAKE! 

She loaded 10 grocery sacks chock full of books and gave us $2.50 per sack.  She must have had between 200-250 books. I think everyone has been on the cheap side sometime in their life but come on….$2.50 a sack!!  They were worth at the very least $5.00 a sack.  Besides that, the book sale is for charity as the Friends group uses all their money to buy "extras" for whatever the Library needs, like children’s activity bags and parties, a new bench to enjoy reading outside, etc. When you know it is for charity, don’t you usually give a little more?

I know you aren’t supposed to judge people but I don’t think this lady was old enough to be on a fixed income or young enough to have small kids.  I think she was either a speed reader (that’s a lot of books to read!) or she is reselling them.  Well hello, Judy, that is what business is all about: buy low, sell high.  This lady obviously has a good business head on her shoulders!

Whew, I think I do feel better now.  Thank you for letting me vent.  I think I can let it go now as anger is only wasted energy.  I would rather spend my time on creating a positive atmosphere soooo, I wish you a truly awesome weekend!


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