If you have purchased a Seagate hard disk between March 22, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2005, [see below for correct dates] you may be getting some cash back. It seems that the company was sued for misrepresenting the size of their hard disk, and now must either pay back monies to those who purchased their hard disk, or offer free backup and recovery software instead. According to the original lawsuit, it claims that the size of the hard disks were misrepresented by as much as 7% capacity, which has been proven and Seagate has acknowledged.

So I went and took a look at the online claim form to see what is required. On the claim form they are listing the dates as being between March 22, 2001 and September 26, 2007. The form itself asks for name, address, email address and the model number of your purchased hard disk. Also when you purchased the hard disk and who from. If you purchased more than one hard disk, you must submit each on a separate form. You can only receive the cash if your purchase occurred before January 1, 2006. Otherwise you reward is the software instead. Read the fine print carefully.
Also of note. This claim is for everyone who purchased a Seagate hard disk anywhere in the US, and not just California where the original suit was filed. 🙂

Online claim form located here.

The entire lawsuit in .pdf format can be read here.

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