During last night’s football game between the Colts and the Patriots, I received several a few emails from a couple of my buddies back in California teasing me about why The Blade doesn’t write about football in his articles. I personally believe that Lockergnome should be about computer stuff, but thats another story for another time. I was also being teased because I no longer supported the SF 49 ers, but was told that deep inside I was still a Niner fan. Wrong!

You see, supporting a football team has nothing to do with where you live. It has to do with the team itself. Before becoming a mid-West transplant, I had lived in the Bay Area being a San Francisco native born and raised. I had the privilege to be part of an experience that I can only describe as phenomenal. It was during the 80’s when SF was the dominate football team in the NFL. It wasn’t about The Catch nor the West Coast Offense, it was about a team that jelled. A team that wanted to excel. A team that had spirit, not only from the players, but all the way through the coaching staff right up to its owner. This is what makes a team great.

I was reminded what football is really about during a game between the Packers and Denver, when in overtime Brett Farve’s first play in OT was a long pass for the winning score. After the touchdown he was like a little kid jumping up and down and running around congratulating his team mates. No amount of money can buy that kind of enthusiasm. The man has heart. How can you not root for a guy like this?

So it was fairly easy when I made my annual bet predicting that the Niners would do no better than a 7-9 season. A blind man can see it. They have no spirit, no heart, and unfortunately no talent. The current owner is a bozo who treats the team as his personal toy, the coach is lackluster and the players ……… well I better stop here before I say something nasty. 🙂

Just my 2 cents.

Comments welcome.

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