Over the weekend, between watching football games, I read several articles which claim that the end is near for the PC as we now know it. Some of what was written stated that in Japan, PC sales are actually declining though the declines are minimal averaging about 3% to 4% during the past year. It seems that consumers in Japan are spending their money on Wii’s, PS3’s, cell phones, big screen TV’s and other gadgets to replace the standard PC box. Interesting.

But before we all rush out and toss our PC’s into the trash, can these new gadgets really replace the trusted PC, or are they just products that may enhance the user experience but not actually be a PC replacement? I recalled several weeks ago being stranded in an airport and my daughter had with her a Blackberry that she was using to try and find an alternate flight.  One of the limitations she mentioned was that the device sometimes did not render web pages properly and it was difficult to bring up some pages. She ended up having to call the airline to obtain flight information.

Gaming machines are great because they have the ability for us to enjoy game play on a big screen TV which enhances the user experience, something that a PC itself may not be able to do. Though these new devices also play movies in HD or Blue Ray, allow online connections and so forth, they lack the software needed in a work environment to actually be a viable tool to totally replace the PC.

Other gadgets like cell phones are great to download music, surf the internet, and enjoy a favorite movie, but I doubt any of us could use the device to type a business letter, do a blog story such as this, or other serious type of activity that normally would require the use of a standard PC.

I believe what we are seeing is a natural diversification from what a PC did say 5 years ago before these devices came into play. Back then a PC was being used for standard business applications, net surfing, game playing, music downloading, photo saving, emailing, chat doing, and so forth that turned the PC for some into a toy. With the advent of these new gadgets, the PC can now be used for its original intention. Work. 🙂

Is the PC dead? I doubt it. I believe the old girl still has a few more decades of life in her.

What do you think?

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