It appears that several Web sites are reporting that Dell’s experiment with Ubuntu-installed systems in the UK has come to an end. It seems that pricing may have been an issue. Ubuntu boxes were priced higher than their Windows counterparts. It was previously thought that the higher pricing was because Dell was not receiving any kickbacks from software manufacturers who pay to have their wares installed on Window machines.

Though Dell is remaining silent behind its reasoning for dropping Linux systems in the UK, some folks are wondering out loud if Dell will continue with its offering of Linux computers here in the US. The Linux folks were fairly vocal over at the Dell forums demanding Linux-based systems. But it came down to something that I have previously mentioned: if Dell couldn’t sell the systems, I doubted it would continue to offer Linux boxes.

But how important was it anyway for any of the OEMs to even offer Linux systems? I personally didn’t see what real difference it would make. People who are Linux users can install a distro on just about on any box they have. I know I wouldn’t personally go out and buy a Linux machine just because it had Ubuntu installed. I most likely would opt for using one of my existing systems to install Linux on.

But that is just me. What do you think? Was Dell foolish to even think that by offering Linux on its computers that sales would soar? Or was it just trying to quell the Linux crowd?

Comments welcome.

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