The FTC [Federal Trade Commission] has cleared the way for telemarketers to call us on our cell phones and to solicit any product they wish for sale. The FTC announced their plans to open solicitations to everyone, no matter which products they are selling. There will be no ‘Do Not Call Registry’ for cell phone users. 

At least this is what the email alert I receive about once a week says so it must be true. WRONG! This is 100% myth. No, you don’t need to register with the FTC because telemarketers are already prohibited from calling cell phone users.

What is true is that Hillary Clinton is sponsoring Senate Bill 6023P which will impose a 5 cents per email tax on each email that is sent to bolster the coffers of the U.S. Postal Service. WRONG! No such bill folks.

 In God We Trust is still on our coins.

 The all seeing eye on the back of our dollar bills is not part of a Free Mason conspiracy.

 Elvis is really, really dead.

 Starting January 1, 2009 households with older analog TV sets may request up to two [2] $40.00 coupons to be applied for the purchase of digital converters. TRUE! The coupons will be available either online at or by calling 1-888-225-5322. 

Hershey is saying Adios and moving a portion of its production facilities to Monterey, Mexico. TRUE! Hershey’s has already sent ‘candy kisses’ to some 1,500 employees here in the U.S

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