Reader Don Naphen asked for us to take a look at an article by John C. Dvorak over at PC Magazine, it which Mr. Dvorak has a different take on Google and their new alliance for a mobile handset. He compares the Google alliance to others from the past using Sun as an example. He than praises Apple for their iPhone and concludes that the success of the device is based on Apple’s mystic. Also in his remarks he states that these web capable devices never work right in his opinion, and therefore are slated for doom. Interesting points.

But Mr. Dvorak tying to compare Google to other companies misses the mark. Google itself has a mystic about it that Apple could only hope to duplicate. Even mighty Microsoft pales in comparison when put up against the folks at Google. Sun? Not even in the same league. I base this on one simple fact. Google’ stock being at $700 a share. This puts Google in a league of their own.

Next is the concept of what they are trying to do. It is not just to produce another ‘clone’ phone to mimic the iPhone. It is to produce a mobile handset that that will be devoid of ‘lock-in’ to any particular carrier. This in itself is not new. Many other countries including Europe and Japan have already seen the light and have dismissed the ‘lock-in’ to a carrier as being anti-consumer.

Now there is the contention that these devices never work right. Maybe it is because no one has every taken the time to make them work right. There is no doubt in my mind that Google could of forced a ‘clone’ phone on the masses with mediocre qualities. Unlike Apple who has now decided after the fact to allow developers in on the project, Google is going to develop the software first, than introduce the device. That in itself is refreshing. Unlike Microsoft who sends out a broken OS, has us consumers basically find the flaws than issues a service pack, Google appears to be doing it correctly. 🙂

So what do you think? Is Google doomed to failure?

Comments welcome.

John C. Dvorak’s article here.

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