Gnomie Jack Norman writes:

Hey Chris,

I just discovered your video feeds about two months ago, and when I first saw it I thought that somebody cloned my sorry keester and plopped me in the north west. We definitely think on the same level and I can identify with probably 90% of what you say. Anyways, I’ve been a long time computer geek and for the last year I too have been wrestling with the age old question: “Do I ditch Windows?”

Here is what I’ve come up with.

Jack’s Pros/Cons

…the Windows story


  • I’m familiar with it, thus, no learning curve.
  • Tablet functionality. I own a Lenovo X61 Tablet which I use all the time and I’d hate to sacrifice tablet functionality to switch… but I’m DAMN close to doing it anyways!
  • Support for all my hardware… from fingerprint readers to Wacom touch screens Windows can handle it.

NOTE: It’s a damn shame Vista sucks so bad at everything else because tablet stuff is one thing Vista did right and I miss it since I’ve rolled back to XP.


  • XP is slow due to anti-virus and firewall mostly, but they are a must. Vista is just slow to start!
  • Vista blows (insert all of your aforementioned reasons here). I’ve experienced the same.
  • Since Vista blows and I’m using XP (on my lappy at least) I fear my days are numbered as far as development and support. Microsoft definitely has its hands full with Vista so there is no reason to care about XP anymore.
  • Since I’m using XP, I’m bored! And since I like to be on the bleeding edge, I’m not happy because XP is ancient! I mean no SATA support when you do a clean install? PLEEEEASE!

…the Linux story


  • Community. I’m a predominantly Linux user (everything but my lappy) and being a geek I have no problem finding help no matter what distro I’m using… and I love the idea of bringing geeks together. 😛
  • I love the free software ideal. It’s the ultimate in product competition and it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy
  • Linux is making an exciting move. If you compare the Linux of two years ago to today you can’t help but see that the pace of its improvement is astounding. Give it another two years and Linux will be unstoppable (if it gets a marketing engine… preferably like Apple)
  • Compiz-Fusion (if you got the right hardware) is bad a$$!


  • NEEDS a marketing engine or Linux will go nowhere. Companies are throwing money into Linux more and more each day (i.e. Dell, Microsoft); hopefully some marketing will come of some of this moolah… IT’S IMPERATIVE!
  • Too many distros and standards. Pick a basic framework (i.e. package/package manager), develop the hell out of it, and make everyone do the same. Why create redundant work? Then, ultimately (in the non-Vista sense) pick a distro, and market, market, market… Redhat, Ubuntu, and Novell are already in a good position to do this — it just needs to happen. Where is the “I’m a Linux box” commercials?

…the Mac story


  • OS X is elegant/pretty as hell!
  • Hardware is elegant/pretty.
  • User friendly/functional for all types of users… except gamers. 🙁
  • Best marketing engine I’ve ever seen. I’m actually doing my executive MBA marketing project on Apple.


  • Hardware quality. I like the towers, iMacs, and minis… but the lappys suck. I have a Lenovo and I’ve dropped it, spilled crap on it, cold cocked my brother with it :-P, and it still works like a champ. Every time I touch a MacBook or MacBook Pro it feels cheap/delicate. My fellow MacBook owners also agree but they are not as rugged with their lappy as me so they deal with it. Then there are those damn heating issues… they have been the bane of more than one of my Mac-boy friends’ existence.
  • No business line of hardware. As I mentioned before, quality is subpar for a business user. If Apple made a business lineup on par with Lenovo or Dell’s Latitudes, I’d go all Apple tomorrow.
  • Closed source. To take BSD and never (well rarely) give back is a slap in the face to Open Source everywhere… and I don’t like that one bit! It gets a wag of the finger from me on this one!
  • IT nightmare / VMware support. If my IT guy can’t run OS X in VMware on Linux/Windows OR open a remote desktop of a Mac in Linux/Windows, then his job just got a whole hell of a lot harder. Its a multi OS world, and I hope it stays that way, and Apple needs to wake up and play nice with all of them. OS X is not going to be a fan boy OS much longer. Start thinking BIG Steve-O. I’d buy OS X tomorrow if I could run it in VMware on my PC… just because I’m a nerd extraordinaire and that’s how I roll!

So you see, Chris buddy, I’m stuck. It’s wait two years for Linux to get it REALLY right, and pray it learns to market, OR deal with “it’s all about me, me, me!” Apple, OR settle for the old crappy stand-by Windows. Welp, it’s been a pleasure chatting at you and I hope you actually read this. Give me a shout anytime.

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