Gomez-Jurado’s debut thriller, already a bestseller in
Spain, is a fascinatingly complex tale that focuses on recent events as seen though the eyes of three very different lead characters. These various fictional characters are then mingled with real-life figures such as John Negroponte, who currently serves as the United States Deputy Secretary of State, who plays the part of a shadowy backstage conspirator. The subjects covered in the book are both sensitive and explosive dealing with such controversial issues as the Saint Matthew Institute that in reality utilizes a controversial method to treat clergy who have been accused of pedophilia

The novel revolves around serial killer Victor Karosky, a pedophilic priest whose resume includes many violent and repulsive acts. Karosky is stalking the cardinals in line to be Pope John Paul II’s successor and after the discovery of a second victim crime Inspector Paola Dicanti, of the Italian violent crime unit is called in. However, to her dismay she finds that a new and mysterious ally, one Anthony Fowler, a former priest and American intelligence operative is already aware of the killer’s identity.  

Given that Gomez-Jurado uses the sex scandals that have rocked the Roman Catholic church is nothing to be surprised about but it is interesting to note that not only is the crime solver American, the shady conspirator American but also the serial killing priest is American. Overall though the story is gripping with a lot of twists and turns that leave the reader wanting more. 

In everyday essence, however, I did find some of the character development a little on the thin side but the character’s psychological profiles were interesting. Thankfully, there was no gratuitous sex or language thrown at the reader and while the violence was vividly described it was told in such a way that it was important to the story. Additionally, I found that some spots that were hindered by translation problems were somewhat distracting.  

To generalize the overall message of the book would be impossible as it was a combination of what one might expect if you combined aspects of the DaVinci Code with Red Dragon while throwing in Ted Bundy and Hannibal Lechter with a touch of Cherise.In other words, it was a wonderfully done tale of pedophilia, incest, and torture done with a plot that galloped along at the insanely incredible pace of the Four Horsemen. Overall, however I felt that for a first debut Gomez-Jurado managed to create a first-rate thriller.[tags]God’s Spy, Gomez-Jurado, DaVinci Code, fiction, novel, Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, cardinals, Pope Paul II, John Negroponte, Spanish novel, Red Dragon, Four Horsemen, Hannibal Lechter, Cherise, murder, conspiracy, pedophilia, sexual child abuse, torture, suspense, thriller[/tags]