During the past week, I have read several commentaries regarding Microsoft’s opinion about Google. One was an interview with Steve Ballmer who stated that the only thing that Google was ahead in was in the Internet search field. His opinion about Google’s alliance for mobile devices was also less than flattering. But in one of the articles was a comment I wanted to share with you:

Is this the new journalism? Find the least credible, most likely to lie, completely biased, completely vested observer possible to comment on a competitor’s new product?

When I read this it made me wonder, what was Mr. Ballmer going to say? That Google was doing a good job? I seriously doubt that. It is rare that Microsoft gives any credit to any company except to itself. So why bother even asking the question?

It seems that it is popular these days to tout Google as a Microsoft killer of sorts. Though the anti-Microsoft crowd would have us believe that Google apps. is a direct attack on Microsoft Office, I do not believe this is the case. Google is planning for its own future by developing new products. I seriously doubt that the company is sitting in Mt. View, CA. every day trying to figure out a way to attack Microsoft.

Instead they are looking for ways to cement their own future. Instead of just sitting back and resting on their highly successful search system and lucrative advertisement revenue, the company is seeking ways to expand their product offerings. Isn’t this what Microsoft has done? Instead of being content in a money making machine like Windows and Microsoft Office, they have expanded their product line to include the X-Box 360, Windows mobile, Windows Live One Care and a whole listing of other products and services along the way.

But what is different about Google and Microsoft is one thing. Google doesn’t have a loud mouth that takes cheap shots at the competition. This goes deeper into both companies philosophies. Google with a policy of doing no evil, while the other……well I don’t need to tell you about the others track record.

So what do you think?

Comments welcome.

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