One of the things I do for Chris is to moderate comments on his blog. Today, I came across a comment from a user who wrote in, apparently worried and upset. Chris gave me permission to use this comment as basis for a blog post of my own. The user writes:

Is it true that xp will be obsolete by the end of next year and vista will have taken over…… a salesperson advised me of this and said that my dell which is xp will eventually have to be changed over to vista or i will have to buy a new computer?

This is just insane. This poor consumer is being browbeaten into thinking that Microsoft will basically stop seeling XP within the next year… AND stop providing support for it, as well. They don’t realize that is far from the truth. Even when they DO stop selling XP… they will still support it for several years. There is NO reason the consumer would “have” to buy a new computer, or Vista. Microsoft historically extends support for an outdated operating system for at least two years after the end of shelf life.

For a store to be this aggressive is wrong. Is it coming from the stores… or from Microsoft themselves? Either way, it’s underhanded. I hope this person gets the answer they so desperately need, and I hope all of you will remind others out there that they do not HAVE to switch to Vista by the end of the year, simply b/c Microsoft will no longer allow sales of NEW systems with XP. That doesn’t mean your copy of XP won’t work. It doesn’t mean you cannot use it. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to buy it even, in some circumstances. It ONLY means it will stop being sold on NEW SYSTEMS.

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