Today, Ryan asks:

I have a question regarding wireless routers. Currently I’m wired using the internet, never had a reason to jump to the wireless side until now. I am going to be purchasing a PS3, which is wireless G compatible, and am really torn between mixed reviews of Linksys and D-Link. I’ve been through forum after forum and some people love their Linksys routers to death and then there are some that say Linksys is unreliable and that D-link is the way to go.

I’m wondering if you could give me your own personal opinion, maybe you have a ps3 of your own or know someone that does and connects with it through a wireless router, and just recommend great routers to me. I don’t have any wireless peripherals to date, and I’m completely open for suggestions. I obviously want something that is going to be reliable, and have good range throughout my house so that I can connect my PS3 to our High-Def TV upstairs. I’ll tell you, Ive been looking at both the Linksys WRT54G and WRT54GS. As for D-link, I’ve been reviewing the DIR-625 (N Router) and I’ve also heard good things about their Gaming router, the 4300.

I’m taking it that since the PS3 is only capable of G speeds that anything like N or G+ (with speedboost), will not increase the PS3 results in terms of speed, but will N routers ensure a the highest speed possible?

Eh, I am not totally into networking as I used to be, but they both offer much of the same with one big difference, N is newer and likely to be the future of wirless. Both offer faster speed and even a greater distance of reach. But I have read that Super – G in static mode can make your neighbors pretty cranky as you may be interfering with your neighboring wireless networks to some degree, be it something I have never seen proven.

If it was me, and believe me, I might be tempted sticking with the router I know for a FACT, that was designed for the kind of heat gaming can put a router through. Despite likely having to upgrade to an N – based router later, I think I would get the DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router. It’s fast (Super – G), it is fantastic for gaming and it has features that allow you to literately prioritize your QoS (GameFuel in this case) to make sure that all other LAN traffic takes a backseat to your game’s throughput. Features like this mean that I would go with the above mentioned D-Link before and beyond any other router for gaming. Seriously, I have a stack of dead Linksys routers as do other Lockergnome contributors. While I am not a huge fan of D-Link either, this model has been the single best router I have ever owner – period.

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