Back in December I wrote an article about the adapter problems that seem to plague the Dell Inspiron 1501 notebook computer. [Article here] It is amazing that I am still receiving comments on this problem from Dell users. This morning I went to the Dell site to take a look at the replacement 90 watt 2 wire adapter and was surprised to read many of the unflattering reviews, such as:

Product stopped working within 6 months of buying the computer.

�I thought it was just me since I am a heavy laptop user constantly on the go moving from location to location. With my last computer, the connection on the computer went before the cord. Of course, that is a more expensive fix so I am happy that it is the cord, however these devices should be designed to handle wear and tear. It does not appear that Dell places any additional thought into the connections and cords for laptops than desktops.

About to order my third adapter in under 1 year. One of the most faulty products produced by Dell. I got it replaced once under warranty, and it failed 6 months later. Now that my warrenty is expired I have to order another one and pay out of my own pocket. Dell should improve this product!

I’ve gone through two power cords in less than a year. The first one just died and the second one split at a bend and exposed wires. We only use our laptop at home so its not like its getting a lot of wear and tear. The power cords seem to be very cheaply made. I’ve always been very satisfied with Dell but am very disapointed in the lack of quality in their power cords. 🙁

I’m going to send a link to this article to [email protected] to see if we can find out more information of why this is such a problem for so many users.

Comments welcome.

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