A revelation hit me today when my Aunt called me with a question – she plugged in a new all-in-one printer and now the sound stopped working. To you, this seem completely unrelated. But in my eyes, it illustrates evidence of a larger problem. A complete lack of “basics training” for the typical computer user.

Not to be confused as a reflection of intelligence, this is simply a matter of furthering education on a subject that is definitely overwhelming to those who merely browse the web, balance their books and of course, check their email. I have played it over and over in my head – there has to be a better way to help people with very specific computer questions like this! Think about it, what good is it when a person has PC audio problems and your only solution is to shoot a video helping them over YouTube due to distance of location. Not exactly a recipe for success if the problem was Internet connectivity.

What I want to know from each of you is how you handle “remote” tech calls where remote assistance is not always an option? Do you simply try to help over the phone, come down in person or tell family in need that they are on their own? I have some working ideas, based on my own past experience successfully running a busy home based PC repair shop way back when. But I would like to hear your experiences, even if all you have for me is mirrored frustration at this point.

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