In the past, it has always been my mother who has stolen the spotlight with her lack of technical knowledge and skills. Her odd questions and comments have been the topic of a few of my articles. However, I recently married someone whom I believe has less technical knowledge and skills than her. I’m still undecided, but leaning slightly more towards my husband after his most recent blunder.

Last Christmas I bought my husband a small, sixty-dollar RCA MP3 player that he could take to the gym. It was a risky gift but I bought the least complicated one I could find. I loaded it up with his favorite songs, explained what it did and showed him how to turn it on, play songs, and turn it off.

Aside from seeing it strapped to his wrist when he left for the gym that was the last I heard about the MP3 player – until last week when my son decided that he wanted to purchase a similar one. I asked my husband to come to the store with me to pick one out for him. My husband’s response was: “He gets an MP3 player before I do? He is only 9.”

Recalling his Christmas gift from last year, I was a little confused by his comment. I proceeded to remind him that he did indeed own one and questioned whether he had lost it or forgotten about it. This went back and forth for a few minutes. Finally, my husband got annoyed and went on to tell me that he did not own an MP3 player. He had an iPod.

Imagine my surprise to know that I had purchased a small, sixty-dollar RCA iPod. Who knew such a thing existed? Needless to say, instead of carrying on with the conversation, I continue to let my husband go to the gym each day knowing he has his iPod strapped to his wrist.