Clearly, Dell is not planning on fizzling out without one heck of a fight. I found this link on Computrout’s site today. It appears that Dell is looking to use “Star power” to your friends and family on purchasing you, a holiday product. It’s a clever idea, sort of like, but with Dell products, celebs and Flash.

Now maybe I am all wet here, but I simply cannot see how effective this is going to be. Sure, it has some really inventive novelty to it. But I have two big problems with this:

  1.  I have asking for gifts. I mean, this is hardly a gift registry we are talking about here.
  2. Doesn’t this feel a little bit like digital panhandling here, just with B actors?

What do you think? If you were in the market for a Dell product, is this a route you would be taking for the holiday season? I cannot help but feel this is a little over the top, be it clever. Am I wrong on this?

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